Hi, I’m Veera.

Bold HR visionary

Coach of future work

challenger of old practices

inspiring career coach

Advocate of emoTIOnal intelligence

My passion and goal is to modernize work and leadership culture that supports growth of people and business. I coach and write about leadership, modern HR, self-management, wellbeing and future worklife.

I have worked around 10 years in HR field and gained experience in various aspects of HR work: from daily people operations to strategic planning and developing modern practices and processes, which supports people, culture and business. Currently I’m working in a international technology company, where my responsibility is People & Culture function.

I see myself as an HR pioneer who is eager to develop and challenge old rusty ways what comes to ways of working, leadership and learning. I have often heard that I’m a bold and inspiring visionary who loves to wake up people to think differently – in the way that helps them to succeed in work and life.

My website is currently in the construction phase, which means that most of the texts are in Finnish. English pages will be available by 1 May 2019.