modern day hr professional, emotional optimist and coach of future work


Both of my parents were entrepreneurs and they of course put me to work when I was very young – officially I started working in my mothers company at the age of 12. When I graduated from high school I went to retail business for next 5 years and did my business studies alongside work – then I decided to be fierce and bold. It was time to start pursue the journey towards my dreams!

Nowadays I have over 18 years’ experience of working in a very demanding business environments in field of technology, finance and retail. Nearly 10 years I have spend in the field of HR and gained experience in various aspects of that: from daily people operations to strategic planning.

My diverse experience has given me a broad understanding of the different areas of HR. My way of working has been strong in coaching, supporting, developing and empowering Leaders & their teams and being a HR partner for business. Currently I’m working in a technology company – taking care of People & Culture function.

I love to wake up people to think differently – in the way that helps them to succeed in work and life

Veera Salpalaht

Goals & dreams

My goal is to support people and business to growth by encourage, empower and coaching! My passion is to help others to succeed in their careers, not just in the job. One of my biggest dreams is to work as a board member – one or multiple organizations which need my kind of visionary who is truly people-and business focused professional. My most wildest dream is to become a professional speaker and author. Currently I’m writing my own book that I aim to publish hopefully in 2020. Maybe one day you’ll see me in TEDx.

about myself

I am very outspoken, ambitious, empathetic and productive person. I’m good with communication, creative thinking, problem solving and really adaptable to changes. I have often heard that I’m like a chameleon who can adapt to different situations very well. I also have a great ability to create a good and close cooperation with people. I don’t shy away from the hard questions – I embrace them.

Equality, respect, open-mindedness, sincerity and liberty are the most important values ​​for me and I cherish these values ​​especially in my relationships and ways of working.

I was born and raised in Tampere Finland. Currently I live near Tampere and I share my home with boyfriend and two dogs. In my free time I like to go out in the woods with dogs, see my family and friends, challenge myself with yoga & power lifting and watch e.g. TED Talks and another inspiring, educating talks and podcasts.